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Is it possible to buy in a store?

Unfortunately we only have an online store at the moment.

What are your security and data protection clarifications?

Your privacy and security are, of course, very important to us and this will not be put at risk under any circumstances. Our website uses industry standard security measures, including Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), including an encrypted order form to request information and manage the product transaction. We will of course record your e-mail addresses, shipping information, as well as credit card information in order to successfully place your order and delivery to you. This information is given by you as our customer directly to our online pharmacy with the current order and entered into our certified safety network. The complete transaction data is embedded in our secure and encrypted database. All information obtained from our customers will never be distributed, sold or distributed to third parties outside our network. All account information such as credit card numbers, etc. will be safely transmitted to us and used only by our online pharmacy.

Is the sale of these prescription medicines on the internet legal?

Of course, the only exception to this are narcotics or other highly regulated medicines. All our medications we offer online are completely legal. This applies as long as they are prescribed by a certified doctor. The medicines offered by us are obtained from a legitimate pharmaceutical wholesaler, or directly from the manufacturer. Therefore, every customer can be sure that they receive exclusively legitimate and high-quality medicines of the best quality.

What are your shipping rates

All costs as well as the shipping rates and the online prescription are already included in the price. If the order has been confirmed by us, it will be sent immediately. Once your order is confirmed, you will receive your order within 7 days.

Can I return my medicine for a refund?

It is unfortunately not possible for us to make a refund or exchange of prescription medicines. However, if your order has not arrived, or if it has been damaged on the way, we will resend it, of course at our expense. If necessary, we will give you a refund at our discretion.

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